Kids Helping The Elderly

Kids building a rapport with the elderly while having fun!

We are your average people, trying to make a difference!

 Imagine what life would be like for kids without the influence of grandparents or special elders in their lives.

This would mean no lessons taught from prior generations, no role models, and no funny stories from the old days.

 Imagine what life would be like for grandparents or elders without kids in their lives.

No sharing of current technology or trends, no stories of what school is like today and no youthful energy to draw from.

Both scenarios would mean no smiles shared among the two generations. 

We want the elderly to understand they are our family members, friends and neighbors. They are the people from local communities and in all walks of life who want to add and gain value to life by constructively interacting with other generations.

Kids Helping The Elderly can help bring these two generations together.

We are a group of people who meet once a month and discuss ways to improve the relationship between the two generations. Plan activities for both to enjoy, as well as , ourselves.


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