Kids Helping The Elderly

Kids building a rapport with the elderly while having fun!


Kids Helping The Elderly is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that offers planned activities for kids and the elderly. We also encourage adults to get involved with our organization. Having fun, is having fun, whether you're a kid, adult or senior citizen.

One of our events is prom night; we decorate the facility as if it's prom night, we play a mixture of songs ranging from the 50's - 21th century, mingle with the elderly,dance, get a chance to understand thier past.

Volunteers are expected to provide support for the elderly through listening, sharing, assisting, encouraging, and working together to complete the task at hand. We expect all volunteers to have an open mind, sense of humor and a positive attitude. We also hope the elderly will be able to offer the same to the students.

Research has shown many benefits of interaction between older adults and young people. 

Benefits to the elderly include reduction of depression, relief from boredom, and generally improved activity and quality of life.

Young people gain from the invaluable wisdom and experience of the elderly. They develop compassion and an increased sense of social responsibility and agency.

Our organization is geared to help people become active participants as they work with the elderly in the community.

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